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This is a web developer's advert site

I am Simon Anthony, of Tortoisesoft Enterprises, Tortysoft to its friends. I'm an ex Acorn man and current Web Developer, lecturer, futurist and brother of the artist on show here - Biddy Lee. I have developed a novel active menu system for this site which can be adapted for general use on request. I am also the developer of SiWriter, a 'Chording Keyboard' - see the twitter box for the latest SiWriter info or follow SiWriter on Facebook .

Recent work

Four of the most recent works of Biddy Lee


Artwork by Bid

Detail from a recent work


Bird Girl

Artwork by Bid

detail from a recent work .
Swing bird girl

Battle of Flowers

Artwork by Bid

Detail from a recent work

Beach Girl

Artwork by Bid

Detail from recent work
Beach girl2

The images that have caught your eye here are by Biddy Lee ©

On show are some of her more recent works, she mainly paints in watercolour and as you can see she can work in anything. If you don't see something you like on this page, go to her blogspot site, she has lots of styles, something to suit everyone!

These paintings are by my sister, Biddy Lee, who works as a tutor for adult learning in her local area. She has let me use them to help illustrate my site.

The Biddy Lee Gallery


  • Joomla
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Jquery
  • Photoshop
  • MAC and PC with a touch of Linux
  • HTML Emails
  • Banners
  • Creative and comic writing

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